Any home, regardless of its age and condition, can be transformed into a home that meets all the requirements of a modern home in all areas. Aesthetics, ergonomics, safety, energy saving and technology.

In order to achieve this, we need to create a comprehensive study based on your needs. Tecs Design Team consists of experienced designers, architects and engineers with great deal of knowledge on home renovation and flexibility in project requirements and customer needs.
Our studies originate from drawing out the current situation. Then the ergonomic study follows on floor plans, sections and sketches. After consulting and concluding with the customer, we continue with the application study, which includes:

-Manufacturing drawings of all living areas, both internally and externally.
Living room, kitchen, bathroom – WC, bedroom, utility room, exterior walls, environments, etc.

-Construction of special furniture and projects.
Kitchen and living room furniture, bath and WC furniture, staircases and any other required for the needs of the project.

-Engineering drawings.
Hydraulic, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Heating, etc.

-Design plans.
3D designs, 3d rendering with furniture and decorative objects of space and 3d video presentation, virtual space tour.

Having the complete study and planning the project has been completed, we can now proceed to its costing. The costs are given in a detailed supply of materials and works.

With the commencement of the project, a strict timetable will be agreed for the development and delivery of the project.

The project is monitored throughout its duration by a member of our company and it is run by experienced crews, using the most quality materials on the market.

We can undertake the study and renovation of partial or complete of all types of housing:
Apartments, detached houses, maisonettes, country houses, tourist residences, Airbnb accommodation etc.

Indicatively, some of the work we carry out is:

For internal house renovation:

-Renovation and insulation of interior masonry.
-Replacement or repair of existing floors.
-Repair / insulation of the roof.
-Dry construction (drywall) works for wall and ceiling coverings
-Interior paints and styles.
-Placing wall and wall coverings.
-Renovation of bathrooms and toilets with changing sanitary ware and tiles.
-Replacement or refurbishment of interior and exterior frames.
-Replacement or refurbishment of kitchen furniture.
-Replacement or renovation of wardrobes.
-Electrical installations.
-Installation plans for Irrigation, sewerage and heating.
-Boiler replacement – burner and installation of new bodies.
-Air conditioning or ventilation system installations, with conventional solutions or with the use of a heat pump.

For exterior home renovation:
-Repair and insulation of roof and tile roof.
-External insulation and thermal facade.
-Exterior paints and building coatings.
-Configuration of environment and garden.
Tecs Design Team provides its customers with any technical support they may need after the project is delivered.