About Us

Guided by our vision for creating wide-ranging and innovative designs, we have formed TECS Creative Team. A team by experienced professionals who aim to study, create and transform professional spaces and residences.

For an enterprise to succeed we consider essential, the existence of a unique corporate identity, regardless if it is for the creation of a new space or the upgrade of an already existing one. It is necessary that the corporate identity is taken into account in every step for the completion of the project. Initially, we begin with the study,architectural planning and decoration and then continuing for the development of space, logo, web page and finally the promotion of enterprise with social media means.

For this reason we have created an “umbrella” of services in order to cover each and every one of your needs. Through the years, we have collaborations with small and big sized companies all over the world, to enable you to find an ideal solution for you. We are focused in the creation and growth of unique solutions that achieve the connection between enterprise and common – objective.

With a high degree of responsibility, flexibility and innovative ideas, always respecting your own vision, we are at your disposal, offering complete and viable solutions for your enterprise! We collaborate together and we welcome you in selecting the whole spectrum of our services or the part of it. We nevertheless, consider it our obligation to assist you in all steps required through the course to your success!