Tecs Design Team is one of the most specialized design and manufacturing companies in the field of catering.
For many years we have been creating some of the most successful caterers in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. We can say with certainty that our projects are always pioneering, leaving their mark on the market, creating rather than following new trends.
Catering shops are one of the most sophisticated professional projects in their design and construction. For us, this is a delightful challenge, as with our team’s experience, knowledge and talent, we have always succeeded in achieving our goals as well as the goals of the business we work with.
Based on the proper study, which results from proper research on the product, services and corporate identity that should be created for the business, our goal is:
-Creating a space with unique style, products, services and brand, which will have its own unique mark on the market.

-The appropriate ergonomics, so that the space can accommodate and serve as many customers as possible with the least number of staff, with flexibility in the day-to-day needs. Without compromising on the quality that the customer should enjoy.

-The excellence of the equipment and the mechanical installations, so that the production and the hospitality in the area are in line with its aesthetics.

– Smart budget management so that we can get the best possible result at the least possible cost.
– The possibility of the space being able to operate as a pilot space, for the possible evolution of the business into a chain of stores.

For us, success is not only the creation of an elegant and well-designed construction project, but also the financial success of the company we work with.

Our studies first start with capturing the status quo. Then the ergonomics is studied in floor plans, incisions and scribbles. After concluding with the client, we proceed to the implementation study, which includes:

-General designs of all areas of the store.
Internal and external.
Individual construction plans
Special constructions, equipment, lighting and furniture.

-Engineering drawings.
Plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating, equipment etc.

– Presentation plans.
3d illustration designs with furniture, decorative objects, lighting and graphic design of space and 3d video presentation, virtual tour of space.
With the comprehensive study in hand to plan the project, we can now proceed with costing it. Costs are given in detail in materials and work.

Starting the work, a strict timetable for the development and delivery of the project will be agreed.

The project is monitored throughout its life by our company foreman and is executed by experienced crews using the highest quality materials on the market.

We can undertake the design and partial or complete construction or refurbishment of all types of catering shops:
Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pastry shops, delicatessen, market, bar-club etc.