The need for better quality tourism and the increased demands of hotel customers, who view their stay as a set of experiences, conveniences, amenities and aesthetics, raise the bar for business services to be competitive and sustainable in the new circumstances .

Tecs Creative Team, with years of experience in residential and professional construction, can offer solutions for renovating your business. Taking into account your needs, the profile you have or want to create, the aesthetics and the benefits you want to offer your customers, we can design and refurbish your space economically, in accordance with your budget and with the best possible outcome for you and your business.
We undertake the renovation of your entire hotel facility or parts of it, such as rooms, lounges, dining areas (restaurant, cafe, bar), auxiliary areas, leisure and sports activities, building facades, outside environment spaces and pools, engineering and energy upgrade.
To achieve your goals you first need to create a comprehensive study based on your needs. Tecs design team is made up of experienced architects, decorators and engineers, with extensive knowledge in hotel renovation and flexibility in project requirements and client needs.
Our studies first start with capturing the status quo. Then the ergonomics is studied in floor plans, incisions and scribbles. After reaching the client, we proceed to the implementation study, which includes:

-Designs of all spaces, interior and exterior.

-Constructive designs for special designs and furniture.

-Engineering drawings.
Plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating, etc.

– Presentation plans.
3d illustration 3d designs with furniture and decorative objects of space and 3d video presentation, virtual tour of space.

With the integrated study in hand for project planning we can now proceed to project costing. Costs are given in detail for equipment, materials and work.

Starting the work, a strict timetable for the development and delivery of the project has been agreed.

The project is monitored throughout its life by our company member and is executed by experienced crews using the highest quality materials on the market.

We can undertake the study and partial or complete renovation of all types of tourist facilities: Hotel units, holiday homes, rooms to let, airbnb accommodation and more.
Examples of some of the work we are undertaking are:

For hotel interior renovations:
– Exhaustion
-Renovation and insulation of interior masonry.
-Replacement or repair of existing floors.
– Repair / insulation of the roof.
– Dry construction (drywall) works for wall and ceiling coverings.
-Interior paints and styles.
-Installation of wall paneling.
-Renovation of bathrooms and toilets with changing sanitary ware and tiles.
-Replacement or refurbishment of interior and exterior frames.
-Replacement or renovation of wardrobes.
-Electrical installations.
-Installation of water, sewerage and heating plans.
-Conventional or ventilation system installations with conventional solutions or using a heat pump.

For the exterior hotel renovation:
-Repair and insulation of roof or tile roof
-External insulation – thermal facade.
-Exterior paints and building coatings.
-Configuration of environment, pool and garden.

Tecs provides its customers with any technical support they may need after the project is delivered.