Tecs design team stands out for its expertise in shop design, construction and renovation. We have partnered with some of the largest retailers, as well as many successful entrepreneurs and have designed and constructed for them spaces with beautiful aesthetics and uniqueness identity.
Our experience in creating professional spaces, across a range of professionals, enables us – with the right research and strategy – to be able to offer you the best possible solutions and the uniqueness you need to reach your target group. , with the lowest possible investment cost.

For the success of a business we consider the existence of a unique corporate identity important, whether it is to create a new space or to upgrade an existing one, it is necessary to apply it at every stage of the project implementation.

Tecs design team is made up of experienced architects, decorators, engineers and graphic designers, with extensive knowledge of shop design and flexibility in project requirements and client needs.
Before planning, we analyze the client’s vision. The way he/she wants to present himself/herself on the market, the way he/she promotes his/her products and services, in combination with the needs that arise for his/her store.

Our studies first start with capturing the status quo. Following is the development of the store’s ergonomics and style in floor plans, incisions and sketches.
Our goal is to create an attractive and enjoyable environment inside the store, with a special style and high aesthetics, to promote maximum sales, as well as to ensure proper circulation – flow and communication between the sales premises, the workshop, the warehouse , supply and classification of products.
After reaching the client, we proceed to the implementation study, which includes:

-Designs of all spaces, interior and exterior.

-Constructive designs for special designs and furniture.

-Engineering drawings.

– Presentation plans.
3d illustration 3d illustration designs with furniture and decorative objects of space and 3d video presentation, virtual tour of space.

With the comprehensive study in hand to plan the project, we can now proceed with costing it. Costs are given in detail in materials and work.

Starting the work, a strict timetable for the development and delivery of the project has been agreed. The project is monitored at all times by a member of our company and is executed by experienced crews, using the highest quality materials on the market.

Our team has been active and specialized for many years inside and outside the borders (Greece, Cyprus, Europe and America) in areas such as:

Clothing and footwear stores, bookstores, department stores, shopping malls, shopping mall spaces, catering (cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries), hotel units, showrooms, care & aesthetics, hairdressers, schools, leisure spaces, children’s playgrounds, office spaces etc.