Tecs Design team, with years of experience in interior decoration, is active in a wide range of projects. We have undertaken the design of professional spaces and residences in very important projects in Greece, Cyprus, Europe and America.

Each project is a new challenge for us. We therefore make sure to approach it in the design of its own way.

With consistency and versatility, with innovations and innovative ideas, always respecting your own vision, we are at your disposal, offering comprehensive and sustainable solutions for decorating your own home or business.

We emphasize the right planning by following these steps:

-Define the aesthetics and concept of your business or home.

-We collect all the elements that are relevant to the site and we print it.

– We present to you the original proposal of aesthetics and ergonomics of the space to be approved by you.

-We do the final design (application study), which includes:

3D designs high resolution 3D, 3D rendering with full detail rendering and 3D VIDEO

Construction drawings (floor plans, elevations, general sections, exterior facades, construction details of individual areas, construction details of furniture, special constructions and equipment’s, illumination lighting plans, strong currents, patients, sound, air conditioning, ventilation, water and sewage).

Lighting design

-We are doing research on the purchase of materials, fixtures, furniture, colors, equipment, inscriptions, and everything else that is needed to complete the project.

-We draw up the project budget and timetable.

-We inform the crews and supervise the progress of the job throughout the project.

-We take and do the final work assignments.