Αρχιτεκτονική & διακόσμηση κομμωτηρίου CHRISTIAN TETE About: Architecture & Interior Design of Hairdressing Salon in Patra. Member of Salon Emotion A. Mantzos, C. Kasidiaris

Leonardos Hair Salon

Hair Salon LEONARDOS About: interior design of hair salon at Levadia Greece A. Mantzos, C. Kasidiaris


Hairdressing Salon IDOLS About: Design Study and supervision of construction of Hairdressing Salon in Chalkida. Part of Salon Emotion of L’Oreal A. Mantzos, C. Kasidiaris

Hairdressing in Athens

Hairdressing HAIRDRESSING IN ATHENS About: Interior design of hairdressing in Athens Greece A. Mantzos, C. Kasidiaris

Fresh salon

Hairdressing & beauty salon FRESH SALON About: Architecture and interior design of hairdressing and beauty salon in Athens A. Mantzos

Barber Shop

BARBER SHOP About: Interior design of barber shop in Athens A. Mantzos