Construction with quality, speed και affordable pricing

TECS, along with its design department, provides services for the construction and renovation of your business or home, within a timely manner and always in accordance with the necessary technical specifications and project budget.

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Construction – Renovation

Our team consists of a wide range of scientists and specialists in the field of construction, with extensive experience, both in Greece and abroad.

We undertake projects such as:

  • Construction of private and professional buildings and spaces
  • Renovation of business premises and shops
  • Renovation of houses
  • Energy upgrading of buildings

Implementation process – Project management

1. Analysis of plans, works, materials and project specifications.
2. Costing of works and materials.
3. Project schedule.
4. Carry out work under the supervision of a foreman throughout the project. Continuous updating and organization of workshops, as well as regular certification of work to the customer
5. Final control and project delivery based on the schedule.
6. Post-delivery technical support for any new need that may arise (after sales service)

International Projects

TECS, having already been active in America, Europe (Holland, Austria, Serbia), Greece and Cyprus, and exploiting the competitive economic and technical advantage of our crews, undertakes projects anywhere in the world.

Most of the special constructions (eg wooden and metal constructions, furniture, shop equipment, etc.) are created in Greece and shipped to the project. In this way we are able to keep costs low, reduce delivery times and ensure excellent manufacturing quality.

Green Building

For many years we have been working on alternative forms and building systems with natural building materials and technologies, in combination with the principles of bioclimatic design.

We provide the ability to apply ecological, structural systems using natural materials in a wooden, metal or conventional earthquake-bearing body.

Our goal is to enable the systems to be fully integrated to individuals, while providing excellent sound and thermal insulation, which can meet the requirements of KENAK up to the passive house in a healthy and natural environment.